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Schlumberger VISTA 2020 x64
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CINEMA 4D R16.021 Windows & MacOSX
Cinema 4D R16 Windows & MacOSX RIP
Leica infinity v3.3.0 x64
Antenna Magus v4.2.0
SPEAG.SEMCAD.X.Matterhorn.19.2 x64
Reallusion 3DXchange 7.5.3201.1 Pipeline x64
Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Suite Windows &MacOSX
Avid Liquid v7.2
Easylast3d 3.0
Thermo scientific open Inventor Toolkit 10.5.1
exocad DentalCAD v2015.03
Bridge Software Institute FB-MultiPier v5.5
ChemCraft v1.8 Build 186 Win32_64
Schlumberger Gedco VISTA 2019 x64
IHS Harmony Enterprise 2020 v20.1
CAMWorks 2019 SP0.1 Build 2018.12.20 Multilang for SW 2018-2019 Win64
Vero Edgecam 2019 R1 SU2 Win64
Adobe Illustrator CS6
AutoPIPE V8i
Beta-CAE Systems (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) v15.2.0 Win64
Code Composer Studio(CCS) v6.0.1.00040.Win32
VPIphotonics Design Suite Expert v10.0
Datamine.Enhanced.Production Scheduler v2.22.2131.0
CoCut Professional 2015
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CSiEDA v5.7.2
GPTLog v2015 v4.0
Trimble Business Center(TBC) v4.10.1
COMSOL Multiphysics Full Win64 & Linux64
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Tecplot Focus 2018 R2 m1 Build 2018.2.1.93726
LightTools v8.6
CD-Adapco Star-CD v4.22.018
CD-Adapco SPEED v9.04.12 Windows x86
DNV SESAM Suite 2014
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EFI Colorproof XF 6.01
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Geoweb3d Desktop v3.2.0
Optis Speos v2014
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IMSI Turbo Floor Plan 3D Pro v2015 x64
IMSI TurboFloorPlan 3D Home and Landscape Pro v17.5.5
John.M. Campbell.GCAP.9th.Edition.v9.1.0.Win32
Midland Valley Move.v2014.2
ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite v17.0 Win64
landmark openworks 5000.10.1
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NovaFlow CV (aka LVMFlow) v4.6 r4
Mastercam X8 HotFix 1 v17.0.16257.0 Win64
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Siemens NX 2014 v7.5-9.0 TMG(Thermal Flow) Solvers Win32_64
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tNavigator v3.3.3
vista v2014
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STAAD Planwin
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Antenna Magus Pro 2020 v10.1 x64
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