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PVSOL 2020 R8 PHOENICS v2016
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FracMan v7.8
Tekla Structures 2020
Autodesk EAGLE Premium 9.6.0
Geocart 3.3.5 Win64
Golden Software Grapher 16.0.314
Urbano 8.1 full Win64
DaVinci.Resolve.Studio.v16.2.Win TRANSDAT Pro 23.13
Vero Worknc 2020.1 Win64
DNV Maros 9.3.1
GP-Pro EX Ver. v4.09.100
ESRI ArcGIS Pro v1.2 + Data Interoperability + Help
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.004-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
Siemens Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.3 Win64
Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 Multilingual Win32_64
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop + Data Interoperability v10.7.1
MagiCAD Group (ex. Progman Oy) MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for Autodesk Revit 2016-2019
Studio 5000 Logix Designer (RSLogix, RSLinx) v10.7-v28.00 Win32_64
WindRiver VXWORKS.v6.6 Win32
EFI Fiery XF v6.3 for IEP 18.1
Chief Architect Premier X12 v22.1.0.39 Win64
Geomagic Control X 2018.1.1 Win64
Materialise ProPlan CMF 3.0.1
Quick Terrain Modeller (USA) 8.2.0 Win64
DDS.FEMtools.4.1.2 x64
Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.1.0 (15.02.007-R8 double precision) Linux64
Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.1.0 (15.02.007-R8 double precision) Win64
Applied Imagery Quick Terrain Modeller v8.2.0.0 build 82512 USA Edition Win64
Aspen Technology aspenONE Suite v11.1 Full
Real3D Scanner 3.0.304 Win64
Leica HxMap 2.7.0 x64
Materialise Magics v24.01 x64
Systat 13.2.01 Win32_64
FPLO v18.00 Build 52p1 Linux32_64
Siemens Mentor Graphics Simcenter FloTHERM 2019.2 Win64
Siemens Mentor Graphics Simcenter FloTHERM XT 2019.3 Win64
SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture 3.17 Linux & Windows
SmartExporter.DXF v2019.2 for ArcGIS 10.7
Avenir LoopCAD 2019
tNavigator v2020.1
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 8.50.1
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX 4.12.1
IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 v3.11.1
Siemens HEEDS MDO 2019.2.2 Win64
Cimatron 15.0 SP1 Official Win64
leica cyclone 3DR 2020.0 x64
3Dsurvey 2.10.0 Win64
GstarCAD 2020 Professional Build 200113 Win64
MISSLER TOPSOLID v7.14 Multilanguage Win64
ZWCAD 2020 SP2 Win64
ZWCAD Architecture 2020 Win64
ZWCAD Mechanical 2020 SP2 Win64
3D-Coat 4.9.24 Multilingual Win64
Guthrie dwgConvert 2020 A.10
OkMap 14.10.0 Multilingual Win64
Pix4Dmapper Pro v4.4.12
Leica HxMap v2.6.2
Pvsyst 6.8.1 Premiun
Altium.Designer.20.0.12.Build 288
Antenna Magus Professional 2020.2 v10.2.0 Win64
Bridge Software Institute BSI.FB-MultiPier.v5.6.0
Graebert.ARES Commander 2020 SP0 2020.0.1.1018.1535 Win64
Wilcom ES e4.2H Win64
InventorCAM 2020 SP0 Multilang for Autodesk Inventor 2018-2020 Win64
PTC Creo 7.0.+ HelpCenter Full Multilanguage Win64
Wilcom Embroidery Studio e4.2 Win3
Global Mapper v21.0.1 Build 100319 Win64
Synopsys STARRC vO-2018.06 Linux
Altair EDEM 2020 v6.0.0 Pro Win64
CFTurbo v10.4.7.30 Win64
HydroComp PropCad 2017
CSI SAP2000 v22.0 Build 1587 Win64
cSoft WiseImage for AutoCAD Pro 20.0.3505.1900 Win64
cSoft WiseImage Pro v20.0.1601.1678 Win32_64
Global Mapper 21.0.1 Portable Win64
Optisystem v17
CADprofi 2020.02 build 191122
cSoft RasterDesk Pro v18.0.3471.1877.440 Win64
cSoft Spotlight Pro v18.0.1539.1678 Win32_64
Exa PowerFlow 2019
Geometric.DFMPro. 1847 1872 1899 Series Win64
Applied.Flow.Technology.Arrow 7.0
Cadence SPB Allegro & OrCAD v17.40.003-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
ActCAD Professional 2020 v9.2.690 Multilingual Win64
ActCAD Professional 2020 v9.1.438 Multilanguage Win32
The Foundry Katana 3.5v2 Win64
Carlson SurveyGNSS 2016 v2.1.6
Golden Software Grapher 15.3.339
Guthrie dwgConvert 2020 A.06
Guthrie Package
ARCHline.XP 2019 v191125 Build 514 Win64
Luxion Keyshot v9.0.289 Win64
ANSYS 2020 R1 nCode DesignLife Win64 & Linux64
Altair.HyperWorks Desktop.2019.1.2.HotFix.Only.Win64
Guthrie dwgConvert 2020 A.05
MIDAS Information Technology midas Gen 2019 v2.2 Win32_64
ESSS Rocky DEM 4.3.2 Win64
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