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Cool Obo Carrier Info
The General Purpose and Use of Bulk Ships that travel by sea

The operation of bulk carriers was not without dangers. The safety of sea-going bulk carriers is a matter of careful plan. This site will provide rapid guidance to the international shipping industry and provide information about loading and discharging various bulk cargo types. It is essential to stay within the limitations set out by the classification organisation. It is crucial to limit the risk of stressing the ship's structures and comply with all safety guidelines to ensure safe passage at sea. The detail pages on our website cover various bulk carrier-related topics which could be beneficial to those working onboard and those who working ashore at the terminal.

General characteristics of seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers, or single-deck vessels equipped with top-side tanks, or hopper side tanks in cargo space, are designed to transport bulk cargo from a single commodity. Solid bulk cargo is any material, other than gas or liquid composed of particles, granules or any larger piece of materialthat is usually homogenous in composition. It is loaded directly into cargo areas of ships without any immediate form of confinement. The most common examples of dry cargo include grain, sugar and ores in bulk. In the broadest sense the term "bulk carrier" embraces all ships designed primarily to transport liquid or solid cargo in bulk form, and so would include tankers. In normal usage, however it is applied to vessels that are designed for the transport of bulky solid cargoes, which is typically grains and other agricultural products minerals such as coal, ore, stone and so on. and on one or more of the voyages. Have a look at this panamax bulk carrier url for more.

[Image: busi_drybulkcarriers-crop-u415555%5B1%5D.jpg]

What Is Bulk Carrier?

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

-Carrying weights range from 3,000 tonnes to 300,000.
Averaging speed between 12 and 15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Small - to medium-sized bulk carriers with a carrying capacity of up to 40,000 tonnes are fitted with cargo handling equipment. Larger vessels use dock-based facilities to load and unloading.
Large cargo holds have no obstructions and larger hatch sizes to facilitate loading and unloading.
-Most bulk carriers have one cargo hold dedicated as the ballast storage. This is used for ballast voyages in order to improve stability. It's also possible to ballast part of the way, however this is only allowed for ports.
-They can be covered with single pull, hydraulic, or stacking (piggyback) style steel hatch covers
-Four kinds and sizes of ballast tanks:
Sloping topside wing tanks
The bottom of the wing is sloping. tanks
Double bottom tanks
Ballast for peak and after peak water tank.

Bulk solid cargo? Anything other than liquids and gases, which is composed of granules or particles or larger chunks of material. These items can be placed directly into cargo containers without the need for any other form of containment. It is essential to make sure that all cargoes are ready for loading, regardless of whether they are "clean" or "dirty", and that there is no contamination. It is crucial to clean the cargo space prior to load it. Surveyors are usually required to ensure that the area is clean for loading. To prevent contamination, it's essential to eliminate any leftovers from a previous cargo. The bulk cargo is the most susceptible to damage from water. This means that the holds must be dry in order to allow cargo to enter. Additionally, hatch covers must also be waterproof and sealed when required to stop water from entering. All fittings inside the hold (ladders and pipes guards, bilge covers and so on.) are to be checked. All fittings in the hold (pipe guards and bilge covers.) should be inspected to ensure that they are in proper condition and securely fixed. The equipment could be a cause of damages to conveyor belts, which can cause delays. The ship may be held responsible if these items are accidentally discharged with cargo. Check out this handymax bulk carrier blog for more.

[Image: 8d20d2f31202f2fc4c8d81c736dfc04d.jpg]

Bulk Carrier, Bulker? A vessel that is designed to carry dry cargo. A conventional bulk carrier is constructed with a single deck, one skin and double bottom. It also has topside tanks, and side tanks within cargo spaces. Bulk carriers are designed to carry the maximum deadweight for any bulk cargo from heavy ore to lighter grain . The process of loading, carrying and then releasing dry bulk cargo is more complicated than many people imagine.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
Many bulk cargoes can contain dangerous substances or change their properties during transit. The ship can be easily damaged by incorrect loading e.g. The ship may bend when it is loaded to its highest forward hold. This is called stress? It can result in dangers to life at sea during severe weather. Last cargoes could be negatively impacted by the residues of earlier cargoes. Certain bulk cargoes could be affected by water damage, e.g. cement power. It can be difficult to confirm cargoes being loaded or discharged. These factors can have severe impact on the security of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? bulk cargoes naturally form a circle when loaded onto conveyor belts. The angle of repose is known as "angle of repose" and is dependent on the specific cargo. Iron ore cargoes will form a steep-angled cone while cargoes that flow freely will make a cone that is shallow. cargoes with lower angles of repose tend to move more through the course of transport. If the cargo is close to its completion, bulldozers could have been used to divide the load over a number of holds. Dry-bulk carriers generally use shoreside facilities to load cargo or discharge Certain bulk carriers have self-unloading options using conveyors under the cargo holds or cranes on deck.
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